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ACE Thermal Systems

For over 30 years, Air Comm Corporation (now part of ACE Thermal Systems), has been helping helicopter operators solve environmental control system problems. From their world-class facility in Westminister, Colorado, Air Comm began working with EMJD in 2008 to fabricate metal parts embedded in several Air Comm products. 

Over the last 15 years, Air Comm has contracted EMJD to make thousands of assemblies, brackets, plates, and brackets. Because of the tight tolerances required for aircraft applications, EMJD offered the precision fabrication capabilities Air Comm needed.

One of the parts EMJD makes for Air Comm most commonly are mounting brackets used to secure motors and blowers within their helicopter air conditioning systems. These systems ensure pilots can effectively manage the temperature and air pressurization within the cabin. 

“Our team loves fabricating aerospace components for Air Comm. Making parts that enable the world’s most high-tech and sophisticated aerospace companies is something we all take pride in,” said Jeff Madsen, operations director at EMJD. 

From helicopter parts to components for superchargers in small airplanes to interior components for some of the world’s largest aerospace and defense companies, EMJD has the experience and 50+ year track record of delivering high-quality parts on time. 

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