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We are now ISO and AS certified

We have big news: EMJD received two exciting certifications this month, both signifying our commitment to continuously investing in the highest levels of quality management in our industry.

ISO 9001

In 1947, delegates from 25 countries convened in London to form the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). In an increasingly connected world, these leaders recognized the importance of knowing a meter measured the same length in Chile as it did in France and a pound weighed the same in the United States as it did in Malaysia. 


Soon then ISO expanded its reach with standards addressing how shipping containers are sized, shipped, and packed as they travel across international waters. And in 1987, ISO reached manufacturing with the establishment of the ISO 9001 standards to govern how products are made. 


The ISO 9001 standards exist to build customer confidence, manage effective complaint resolution, improve operations, and help companies operate more effectively.


In 1997, five of the world’s largest aerospace and defense companies convened to establish specific standards for companies creating products for this industry. Recognizing the unique complexities of making products capable of safely and consistently orbiting in space and flying across the skies, they crafted the first aerospace standards, of which AS9100D is the latest revision. These distinct standards are built upon the broader ISO 9001 standards.

With this news, EMJD joins a broader ecosystem of large companies and small businesses linking arms to pursue safety, efficiency, and consistency in our manufacturing processes.

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