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Legacy Planters


Made from premium Corten weathering steel, these legacy metal planter boxes will last for decades and add a modern and beautiful accent to your landscape.


The evolving surface of the planters not only protects the steel from corrosion but also adds a warm, earthy tone that complements any landscape. Corten steel is not only beautiful, but it is safe for food and warms up faster than other planter materials, allowing gardeners to plant their vegetables and flowers sooner.

These flower or garden boxes are fabricated at EMJD, a metal fabrication shop in Englewood, Colorado. For 54 years, we’ve made high-quality precision metal products for exceptional companies in Colorado and beyond. To fabricate these boxes, our team of talented engineers and operators laser cut, bend, and weld these boxes for long-lasting durability and consistency.


Corten steel is the type of steel seen on bridges and architecture throughout Colorado. We have started the rusting process for you and it will continue naturally on its own. If you want to accelerate the process to get that perfect and stable patina follow the simple steps outlined in this video.

Manufacturing Process

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