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Merry Christmas!

As one small way of thanking our customers for entrusting EMJD with your fabrication needs, we created these limited edition 2023 Christmas ornaments. Made from repurposed scrap aluminum, we hope these one-of-a-kind metal ornaments bring a sparkle to trees across the country.

To make the ornaments, our engineering team created the initial drawings in our design software, SolidWorks. Then we iterated on our prototype to ensure the ornaments met our expectations. Our initial design was a bit too heavy and the tree branches were hazardously sharp! 

We landed on a prototype we loved and sent it to production. We laser-cut the ornaments in batches and ran the cut aluminum sheets through our finishing and production process to create a consistent finished grain and knock off any lingering burs or sharp edges. 

Finally, we used our laser etcher to imprint “2023” on each of the trees, marking this significant year in our company’s 53-year history. 

We can’t wait to dream, prototype, and build alongside you in 2024. From all of us at EMJD, Merry Christmas! 

  • Luke and Jenna Galli, owners, EMJD Precision Fabrication

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